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Little Busch Stadium was inspired after our good friends lost their healthy, athletic 12 year old son suddenly in 2008.  When the Jake Hodge Scholarship fund was started, I began to think of ways we could help raise money. I could not imagine a better way to honor the legacy of an athletic 12 year-old than a wiffle© ball field.  I also noticed the potential for raising money. At Little Fenway in Vermont, upwards of $500,000 were raised in one weekend last year to benefit the Travis Roy Foundation for spinal cord research.


Little Busch Stadium construction began in spring 2012.   Matt Aikins leveled an area on the eastern side of the property with a high-track D6 dozier.


Adam French with Go-Green Lawn Care seeded the field with Riviera Bermuda grass in May and the grass came in nicely.  By late June, we had almost full coverage.


The summer of 2012 would be one of the hottest on record.  On a July day, with the high of 107, Shane Board, Brian Davis, Tom ‘Fish’ Adams, Brock Thomas, Bobby East and I dug 38 post holes and had posts set in concrete before 11 am.


The scoreboard patio and arch were fabricated at my late fathers welding shop.  With inspiration from Joe McEnaney owner of McDonalds, we installed a deck in left field and completed it with a Big Mac Land sign.  


Once complete, the field has become something that we are very proud of.  It has been a family endeavor. Everything here was built by our family and friends.  It is a joy to see others enjoy the field on summer days.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife Katie; without her support, none of this would have been possible.   


Little Busch Stadium  Facts:

  • 38 4x4 posts

  • 60 bags quick crete

  • 16 sheets ¾” plywood


God Bless.

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