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Dono McGregor 

Player - Class of 2019

Dono McGregor is a local baseball legend.  He has established himself as a tireless worker and supporter of the Jake Hodge Foundation event every year.  Dono has consistently been one of the top players on the field.   He is a two time MVP (2016 and 2019), and leads the tournament in all time hits (39 career hits -- tied with Goradon Dugan and Gabe Board).  Dono is the third member to the Little Busch Stadium Hall of Fame.  


Tom "Fish" Adams

Voice Of Little Busch Stadium - Class of  2018

Fish is the voice of Little Busch Stadium.  A tireless worker who helped in construction and planning of the stadium and this event, Fish is a living legend and a huge part of what makes this tournament successful.  


"Flash" Gordon Dugan

Player - Class of 2017

Gordon is the inaugural inductee into the Little Busch Stadium Hall of Fame.  He is a staple for the 2 time champion and perinneal playoff contending "Bone Collectors"  Gordon has the most hits (39) and the most home runs (14) in Little Busch Stadium History.

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