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 Jake Hodge Foundation Tournament

The Bone Collectors won the 2013 JHF Wiffle Ball Tourney. Over $8,000 was raised in the first year of the event at Little Busch Stadium. Highlights of the event was a walk-off win on Bobby East HR as the Rally Squirrels defeated the Flyin Hawains. Former Phillies pitcher Anthony Schumaker and Gordon Dugan for the Bone Collectors proved to be difficult outs. Schumacher hit the longest HR in Little Busch Stadium history estimated at 150ft. The Championship game saw Team 11 (Jake Hodge old travel baseball team) lose 10-4 to the Bone Collectors. Although, Team 11 was the sentimental favorite, Bone Collectors proved to be the superior team in the event. Gordon Dugan won MVP with 12 hits and 5 home runs.


JHF Tourney Info


Number of Games


Number of Teams


Money Raised



JHF Tourney

Total Hits

Total Home Runs

Tourney MVP



Gordon Dugan (Bone Collectors)

Most Hits

Gordon Dugan (12)

Most HR

Gordon Dugan (5)




Runner Up

Bone Collectors

Team 11

Previous JHF Seasons


 JHF Playoff Results


JHF Career HR Records

(15) Brandon Sigler 

Most HR Career

(6) Chris Evans 2016

Joe Vanooser 2019

Most HR in Tourney

(17) Rally Squirrels 2016

Most Team HR Tourney

JHF Career Hit Records

Most Hits Career

Most Hits in Tourney

Most Team Hits Tourney

(39) Dono McGregor, Gordon Dugan, Gabe Board

(13) Gavin Mitchell 2021

(75) Rally Squirrels 2016,

11U wildcats 2017

Previous JHF Seasons

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